Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to Cut Down and Cleanse your Body

Every year new weight loss tips and regimes go viral, influencing and promoting the mass public to get on that weight loss train. Sadly, a lot of dietary weight loss propaganda seems to be cooked up by FMCG corporations in order to hike up the value of certain ‘commodities’ or ‘superfoods’, that are typically inexpensive, and profiting from the margins. Superfoods are actually very good for you, but they are overpriced because they know people will spend exorbitant amounts for their health and well being. Shopping around for superfoods at your local supermarkets or in wholesale or retail outlets instead of the upscale health or vegan stores can save you a lot of money.

It’s best not to believe everything you hear, and if you have an inclination towards a particular weight loss program, approach it in a scientific and measured manner instead of blindly buying into social trends. Keep in mind that not every program will work for you, purely because everyone processes different food differently, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Tested Weight Loss Tips for You to Try at Home

Coffee Cuts those Calories

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and is known to increase your metabolism along with many other health benefits. You should consume black coffee and skip out on the sugar to maximize the benefits coffee has on your body. Just don’t overdo it. One to two cups per day is fine, but it’s best to keep it at that.

Consume Water Before Every Meal

Doing this can kickstart your metabolism, helping you burn a lot more calories than if you directly started eating otherwise. This also helps by filling up your stomach, resulting in you eating less than you normally would.

Eat a Protein-Based Breakfast

Consuming whole eggs is an incredibly essential weight loss tip. Eggs are packed with essential nutrients and acids that aids in weight loss and proper bodily function. So, instead of pouring cereal into a bowl, crack open a few eggs and watch that waist disappear.

And for those of you with an aversion to eggs, any good source of protein will do the trick.

Intermittent Fasting

This is a relatively new concept where people have time schedules between when they can eat and when they should fast. Fasting is one of the best weight loss tips out there and is usually done by what’s known as a 16-8 fast cycle, which is 16 hours of fasting and an 8 hour window to chow down. It is said that you don’t need to follow an extremely healthy diet as long as you stick to 16 hours of fasting everyday. But combining Intermittent Fasting with a healthy diet can tremendously benefit in weight loss.

Portion Your Plate


Another weight loss tip, is to serve yourself smaller portions and once you are comfortable with a particular amount of food, stick to eating that portion consistently.

How this works is, your stomach can expand and contract according to the amount of food you eat. If you are normally used to eating a large portion, you will never feel full until you eat that same amount. Try reducing the portion for every meal consumed for a week. Initially, you will feel extremely hungry, but at the end of the week, you’ll notice that the same portion that left you starved a week ago, is actually an ideal amount. Don’t excessively reduce your portions to the point where you feel starved and tired all day. You should eat the amount that gives you energy throughout the day while not feeling hungry in between meals.

Fiber Supplements

Glucomannan is a fiber that is known for its weight loss potential. Glucomannan absorbs water and slowly passes through your gut, making you feel full for longer, thereby reducing your overall calorie consumption. If you’ve ever noticed in the mornings, you are not really hungry until you’ve visited the potty. That’s because your body is still digesting the food in your gut and is keeping your body nourished. The fiber works in slowing down that process.

Reduce Sugar Consumption (especially Packaged Drinks)

Sugar is one of the main reasons obesity and dental problems are prevalent today. On average, almost every person consumes way more than they should, so cutting back can work wonders for you. Research shows that liquid forms of sugar like fructose and supermarket corn syrup have even more negative effects with a strong link to type-2 diabetes and heart disease. The next time you’re planning to pick up your favorite fruit juice, read the back and see its nutritional facts. In most cases there is fructose added to sweeten and to most importantly increase the shelf life of these products.

Sugar consumption can be a hard habit to kick, but if you stick to not eating any sugar for a week, you’ll notice by the end of it, your craving has completely vanished. There’s enough natural sugars in the food you eat, so there’s no chance of you being deficient of sugar.

This is one of the weight loss tips you should take home with you.


Taking probiotics can also aid in weight loss. Probiotics is bacteria that is beneficial for your gut and is known to reduce fat mass. However, if you are planning to take probiotics consult your doctor or pharmacist and mention that you want to consume probiotics for weight loss reasons. Probiotics alone is not going to help you lose weight, but ensuring you have a good gut will help your body in general.



Cardio is an excellent way to lose weight and improve mental health. It is effective for reducing belly fat in particular. Jogging or running for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes a day can set your body at a healthy metabolic state.

Weight Training

Hitting the gym will work wonders for your body. Not only will it amp up your metabolism, it will help you lose weight faster especially if you perform compound movements. Your posture will automatically be rectified as well.

Eat Your Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are composed of several properties that make them perfect for weight loss. They are low in calories, and high in fiber and water content. Eating veggies keep you full for long and most importantly provide you with abundant nutrients, keeping your health in check.

Deep Sleep

Sleep and the quality of your sleep is the most important point. Your body needs adequate sleep to function properly, and if you deprive yourself of sleep, the parts of your body that are responsible for weight management do not function properly. You are more likely to get fat from lacking sleep than lacking exercise.

The Ultimate Tip

All things aside, if you are truly aiming to reduce weight and improve the quality of your life. This can be done only through a change in lifestyle. Pick one or more of these weight loss tips, set up a routine, and most importantly follow that routine.

Remember, only through personal sacrifice can there be personal gain.


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